Lateralis egg issue

So as of a couple days ago I noticed that one of my carpet chameleon eggs has shrank dramatically and upon inspection i can clearly see a well developed embryo inside with little to no light passing through the egg. The clutch was laid about 9 months ago but this one particular egg seems to be light years ahead in development compared to the rest of the clutch. I believe the shell was sweating and releasing excess moisture but the overall condition of the eggs exterior has me concerned. It's somewhat concaved incertain areas and appears to maybe even have mold beginning to form on the ends??? Can someone with more experience breeding lateralis let me know whats going on? I have attached a picture the smaller egg is the one in question the larger ones are from the same clutch but i believe they havent even broken diapause yet. 20190617_211757.jpg


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This is what they do when they are hatching. If it didn't pip by now it probably died during the hatching process.
Yeah unfortunately it did die. I ended up cutting the egg open and but i was too late. What causes this issue? Any suggestions so i can avoid this problem in the future?
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