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so recently i was on reddit and saw a post about how ladders can cause foot soars ive never once heard of this they also use shot glasses as a constant water source which i dont think would be smart a mister and lots of hand misting should be enough? Also it seems they love to trash talk this forum saying the admins dont know anything username of the person saying this is “flip69” he also said he was a admin in 2008 for this forum either way wanted to know if the ladder is hurting my chameleon. Its placed at the bottom of the cage i see him on it pretty often but then again my chameleon is usually never in one spot he explores literally everything.. i have yet to see a problem with the ladder yet.


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Can’t imagine how that would be hurting your Cham.

Without pictures of the bottom of his feet you are the only one who can tell if it’s hurting him or not.


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ive had the same ladder as you for months and its never caused my cham any problems with foot sores if that helps at all. so yea I don't believe that what they're saying is true especially because the branches and stuff the chams walk on are practically the same if you hand make them like I do. but every cham is different and its up to you to determine if he has sores or not


I've had that same ladder in my enclosure since about day one, but I took the metal hooks out. He used to use it all the time until I upgraded his enclosure, about 3-4 months... I've never noticed any foot sores of any kind with him using it... but, I'd watch the ladder for mold or too much water saturation since they're not coated to be waterproof, I had to move mine to a part of the enclosure that didn't get soaked because it was starting to peel a little bit.
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