Kyle out to get everyone today...


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Adult male veiled who is extremely territorial today.... This morning he lunged at me several times when I was putting his feeding cup in the cage and then I get this text from my fiancee...


I think he needs an intervention with Dr. Phil....


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And raise an army of vicious veiled chameleons? Haha
Yeah I will have you know that I use Kyle as my degree for evil reference with Beman now. I say he is boarder line Imelda but on his way to a Kyle. Apparently my sweet boy is now a big boy and can not decide if he still likes me or hates me. So his new thing the last few weeks is acting all sweet to get out of his cage then hissing and puffing at me once he does. Throwing his mouth open and scaring the hell outa me. These are his extra Kyle days :hilarious:
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