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Here are pictures of Kronk's cage (Kronk is what I am naming him)... I got it set up this morning. I don't have Kronk yet he should be arriving to me from Kammer hopefully on Thursday weather dependent.

I dont have accurate numbers yet for basking temps, humidity and temps of other areas of the cage since it hasn't been up and running very long yet.

I have a 65watt bulb in the basking lamp and I am at about 80 degrees fahrenheit right now. So I may up that to a 75 watt bulb. But I am going to wait and see for sure.

Based on what you see does the cage look ok? Do I need to add more of anything?

Thanks in advance!



I am bumping this up... I just want to see if anyone will respond to let me know if I am missing anything, or if you think there is enough coverage for hiding. I have until Thursday morning to get the cage 100% ready if I need to buy and add more...

I am going to install my mistking tonight.
It looks to me like you have all of the essentials, though I would suggest some more foliage cover such as a hanging pothos. Keep up the good work!
There is a live Hibiscus in there. I was thinking about a pothos... should I hang the pothos?

Kronk is an Ambanja Panther from Kammerflage Kreations...

Thanks for the responses.
Hey there!

Your setup looks very nice :) Still, pothos might be a good idea, especially if you can come up with a way of hanging it to provide more foliage at the top. Your basking area seems to be quite in the open, and your chameleon might feel insecure being there, especially the first few weeks. Also live plants really help with humidity ;)

All the best with your new cham!

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