Krash's current info/never filled this out before

Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - ambi/male 13mo, in my care 11.
Handling - everyday, alot
Feeding - crix/bug burger, cc, h20 crystals, veggies. silks, horns, butters, calci, dubia once in awhile. ocassional wild caught
Supplements - Repashy all in one
Watering - Mistking, 5 min first cycle 1 hr after lights on, 3min/3 hours. dripper all day. hand mist, showers
Fecal Description - dark/white urate, negative for parasites
History - escapee for 9 days, other than that, super healthy

Cage Info:
Cage Type - 2x2x4 mesh
Lighting - 60w basking, 5.0 reptisun linear, 12w LED(outdoor sun 1 to 3 hours daily) uv meter 6.2
Temperature - basking 88, midrange 70's, night 60's/lazer temp gun,
Humidity - 40's to 90, depending where misting cycle is/digital
Plants - all live, all cham safe
Placement -dining room, 6ft, window, no drafts, no vents
Location - santa barbara, cali

Current Problem - no problems, this is just in case :p

Pictures are helpful

Ah hell A, I am so proud of myself that I even did this!!
besides, you've had to endure too many of my pics!!

p.s. see anything that needs to be tweeked?


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I always enjoy looking at your pictures.:) beautiful, healthy chameleons.. And now that Komet started showing his true colors, i cant wait to see more!
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