Kenyan Xanth Babies


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I have been meaning to ask if anyone has had any babies from the Kenyan Xanth import from last March, but haven't gotten around to it.

I saw this in one of my cages this morning

20181026_104350 (2).jpg

I have seen 6, there may be more in the lower area, but if not I am elated with 6.

If this import is anything like the T. J. Jacksoni I received from Chameleons International I can expect four more clutches in the next month or so.

Special thanks Steve McNary and Chams Int.


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Those are super cute! I love their little baby markings.
Bill Strand and several members of that FB group have had births from their imported females. I believe some are nearing the six month mark.
Do you see a difference between these and your hawaiian xanth babies?
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