Keeping it heated qith AC on?

Hi, I am not to sure what to do. It is very hot where I am this time of year an for the next two days it's supposed to get up to the 100s. I have to keep my AC on due to me having kids and babies in my house so therefor how do I keep my chams cages hot? One is a glass terrarium and the other is a screen cage with a shower curtain on it to help keep humidity up and stuff. But now how do I keep the cages worm/hot? :confused: I no it's not worm enough right now because in both cages they are right under the basking spot and they don't seem to happy. Right now the basking spots are "screen cage 70-75f" and the "Glass one is 60-75f" PLEASE HELP :confused:. Thank you.
Well it might sound counter productive to your AC, but change the basking bulb to a higher wattage. How many watts are you using now? 50, 75, 100, 150w

You don't have to run the basking bulb all day. You should be okay with 4 hours during these hot weather days.
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