Keeping humidity in reptibreeze


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Since I got my veiled hes kept one eye closed, I switched compact uvb bulb to a 18" tube changed basking to different bulb and today my reptibreeze cage came so I can get him out of a exo terra terrarium my only problem is keeping humidity it seems to be sittin around 30-35 even after spraying down... Any tips?
you could try getting an automated misting system, or possibly a fogger such as reptifogger and leaving that on low on one side of the cage...
When I was misting by hand I used to run a small humidifier next to his enclosure. Now that I have a automatic system I haven't needed it, it's also naturally humid here in the summer. Have you thought about some plastic along the back side of the enclosure to help, or how about live plants?
Tried it tried it

I currently have 3 sides with shower curtain I have 4 live plants and humidifier near cage and still can't get humidity above 40 during the day
I would try a different gauge to make sure the reading is correct.

Be aware that if he is in an airconditioned environment--which is often necessary this time of year in many parts of the USA-- that an air conditioner will remove much of the humidity from the air--as that is a crucial part of how a/c works..
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Hey there o had this same problem hoovered at 30-30% then I added 6 more plants. 2 pothos hamging. Two schefflera. Two croton. And had a ficus in the middle alread y. The six plants were 30 $ for all at walmart. My humidity is at 45-50 now without misting. I then added two of the biggest plants that cost the less right on the outside. Of the cage. Humidity is now sitting at 55. 70 after I mist. My point is add more plants in and around your reptibreeze instead of envlosing it with curtains or whatever. Good luck!
im in new mexico with very little humidity and mine is at around 6-65 during the day and around 70 at night, i also have 16x16x30 reptibreez with a plastic shower liner very snug around 2 sides of my cage 100 wat heat bulb, a hibiscus, a 5 foot piece of a pothos vine with the end in a water bottle, an umbrella tree(its small maybe 8 inches tall including pot) and a dracanea, the 100 wat basking bulb keeps the very top at about 95 and i think thats the main reason why my humidity stays ok its also on the same side as my liner so no heat or anything moves through the left side or the back.. it just holds it in.. and before anyone says anything yes i do have a uvb buld lol
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