Katydid eggs!


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Very excited, found my katydids layed some eggs. Anyone out there breed these before? They usually lay them in rows on twigs, but mine scattered them all over the cage... I underestimated their size too, they're like tiny pumpkin seeds. I should have made my cage less of a mess, they are in the screen, blades of grass, in the soil, etc. Originally I was going to remove them, but with this predicament, I might just leave them in the cage with the adults. I'm thinking they probably need a diapause as well, but maybe not? I live in an area with cold winters, but I know they are also found in warm climates where they thrive all year. So not sure exactly how I want to go about all this. Open to any input.

Here's some pictures of the cage and an egg on the screen.


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SO LUCKY!!!!!!! Good luck!
I have 25 grasshopper egg cases I'm gonna try to hatch. I'm going to experiment with diapause time and see if I can figure out what works....
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