Just wondering where all of you have purchased your Chams?


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I used Flchams I must say they arrived in perfect condition and stunningly beautiful. Also I am using Mulberry farms for all of my feeders well the majority I bought super worms the other day and non flying-fruit flys to try them from Pet Smart. I would also love to add some color to my habitats but cant find anything except lavender and gardenia would love suggestions and need a hibiscus!
I got my panther from Kilgours Chameleons, the guy was great to deal with and my cham is perfectly healthy..couldnt be happier
I have bought from lll reptile, flchams, chameleons101, and amazing blue reptiles. I think there were a few more that I caqn't remember the names of. I have been very happy with all of my purchases (especially chameleons101.)
THe Kammers, a sponser of this site, are wonderful people to work with. I didn't have good customer service w/ FL. Yes my cham is beautiful and healthy from them, but they shipped him in cold weather w/ a non working heat pack. I thought he was dead when I got him. On top of that, my guy from the Kammers is much more tamed. I have pictures on my other posts.You can't go wrong with any of the sponsers on this site. :):D;):cool:
Sunshine chameleons (no longer in chameleons though), Chameleons101, LLLReptile, and Chameleon Company (x2). I was most pleased with Chameleon Company, and plan on getting any more chameleons I was from them in the future.
Call me crazy but just ordered a male King Panther Morph early this morning! I have everything I need being overnighted he will be here on Wed. I have been going nuts looking for hibiscus plants so I ordered from Hidden Valley which specializes in this exotic plant! Well got an email saying they won’t ship them until the earliest April-June WHAT! So I had to call my nursery back and they are tracking some down for me!!!! But other then that I have weeping Figs arriving in the am. I am nuts lol. My neighbor is over here loving them.:cool: I will post pics as soon as I can.

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