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A member on another forum just got back from a trip to northern madagascar and posted pics. The pictures are not all on the first post, keep scrolling down to view the next sets. The third set was taken on the way from ambilobe to ambanja.


On the 2nd page the original poster also mentions : " I wonder how they're surviving right now, 3/4 of the chameleons I saw seemed quite dehydrated. It's extremely dry there right now, I didn't see one drop of rain
or morning dew, and besides mosquitos that bite even during the day and giant millipedes, no insects, I saw very few crickets." (By crickets I'm pretty sure he meant grasshopers because the french call what we know as crickets, grillons, and their term 'criquets' is usually for grasshoppers/locusts.)

I found it interesting to see what we keep as pets in their natural habitat...enjoy

(if anyone care's to know what he is saying when describing some of the pics please don't hesitate to ask, i will translate)
Amazing pictures... I have allways wanted to go Madagascar just to look around and amaze the beauty of nature, just amazing. :)
Thanks for the link. It's a nice series of pics.

I'm planning a trip to Madagascar in November or January. Does anyone know of any good (chameleon-aware) tour guides down there?
I met Bill Love this past Sunday. Nice fellow. I plan to be on his next tour this coming January.


I've seen his site. The tours look great, but they're quite long - I don't think I'd be able to get away from work for so long at that time of the year.
And the price he quotes is really expensive in my currency. Although I do believe a lot of that goes to airfare from the US via Paris to Madagascar, and I'm sure it would be a lot cheaper for me to fly in from South Africa.

I think I'll email him though to see if I could slot into that tour somewhere maybe, or maybe he could put me in touch with the locals that he deals with.
Long...?, personally I think it's not long enough as is we are going to miss visiting several localities of panther chameleons of which I would love to see and photograph in the wild. :)

Tygerr, remember that there are seveal flights within the country as well from city to city planed in the trip. There are at least four flights, inside the country, could be up to $300 a flight making up a potential 1/6th the cost of the trip. Last year I did some more indepth research on other tours and trips through different companies- not focussing on chameleons. They were only slightly less, maybe $500-1200 less, but did not include any airfare whatsoever, and had much less travelling, staying in each location around 4-5 days rather than one or two. The other companies generally offered trips around 12-16 days but were still around the same price.

Madagascar is a growing tourist area, but the tourism market will probably not develop fast enough to establish itself before the remaining scenery and wildlife is destroyed. Don't wait to visit the country- there isn't much of it left to see. Only 10% of Madagascars forest currently exist from waht it had in the 50's.
How was that?? I was so jealous when I saw him on the Vendors list.
A really fun day. Slow, but very fun.


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