Just started scratching himself...?


I just misted Mr.Pink 1 last time before bed and he came out and started rubbing the bottom of his feet on the vine he was on and later started scratching at his head...he just finished a shed last week...please tell me he's OK:confused:


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Mine has been doing the same thing - he just finished a shed and I mist him somewhat often, I see him rubbing both of his rear legs into the vines, especially somewhat slick ones. He will also scratch at himself sort of like a dog would for its ear, on his ribs, as if he was shedding. I see no blood or injury and I've tried very hard to take a close look at his feet and as I said see no visible injury or foul play.
- Any help or explanation would be awesome


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they do that when they shed, take a look for a spot where he didn't shed completely, maybe he's trying to get the dead skin off

Brad B

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My male veiled also does that only when I mist. Rubs his back feet on vines and sticks and scratches like a dog. My female doesnt do this though.... its a mystery
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