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Hey everyone. I'm new here and just wanted to introduce myself. I keep and breed poison dart frogs. I've been casually researching chameleons for a few years now and decided it was about time to take the plunge. Yesterday, I took my wife to her first reptile show. I was hoping to find a panther or a Jacksons. I didn't share these plans with my wife, but after 5 minutes of being there she looked at me and said she wants a chameleon. Fate! So we found this gorgeous female Jackson and I found this forum. I'm looking forward to talking with all the experienced people here and learning as much as I can.

And here's a pic of our new girl, Rita.




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AWWW shes cute, looks really healthy.. im not cham pro and i dont have jacksons but she looks good. nice pick up and WELCOME TO YOUR NEW HOME LOL
Thanks guys. She's still settling in, but I was told that she is quite sociable. So far it appears to be true.
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