Just received good news!!!!! :)


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If some of yall didnt know im a Federal Fireman/EMT and last summer my engine crew responded to a emergency that had 2 trapped elderly people stuck in a trailer home that rolled over during a horrible storm. We rescued the couple and transported them in under 30min from the call. During that night we had a total of 15 calls that involved several other trailer rollovers, Walk-in Medicals, fire alarms, downed power lines, house fire, and others... We received a DOD Life saving award for our efforts and just yesterday i found out that we are being awarded with Texas Medal of Valor... Its a big deal i guess, My department is sending 3 people to Galavaston Tx just south of H town, from the call to accept these awards on behalf of the department. Im one of the 3 going :D im in the middle


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Congratulations, the people who protect us are never given the acknowledgement and financial rewards they so justly deserve. You are a true hero!!
Thanks all! Im very proud of my crew, I had no idea this was going to happen i just got the word yesterday and heading out tomorrow so ill keep ya posted thanks again
Congratulation! Job well done and recognition well deserved. Definitely something to be proud of, and i totally admire the guts and dedication you guys have to have in your jobs!
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