Just picked this guy up


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Just grabbed this Jackson chameleon for 30 doesn't look too hot he was part of the ferrel population in Florida what do ya guys think
I think its a cool thing you able to do with that guy! Also, I think you give him a well balanced and stable diet you will have a great looking guy!
He's beautiful! :) congrat. Sorry I don't know why there is a frowny face above my post and it won't let me delete it! Lol
His horns are perfect! But.... He looks a somewhat thin.You should consider getting a fecal done, Call a local herp Vet and ask if you can drop off a fecal sample.There are two Vets here that charge about 20 bucks.And don't require to see the animal.Im betting you can find one too_Oh and well gut loaded super worms are an exlent source of fat for thin chameleons.
I'm excited about this guy he's doing a lot better than he was yesterday.im not sure were the location of the chameleons are the importer I bought him from told me that they were wild caught in Florida.
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