just ordered

Mis king

Im pretty sure you will be very happy with it i have one mart hooked me up with it at the expo when i last went the thing is a life saver since i have a full time job thanks again marty
Great. Remember to connect the pump to the reservoir and just run some water through it first. Pump head is completely empty and probably dry. Mistake people often make, in their excitement to see mist ( :D ) they hook everything up, turn it on and to their disappointment nothing happens. Pump head is full of air and the check valves in the nozzles are preventing the pump from priming itself. Just unplug the tubing from the nozzles, turn the pump on, run it for few minutes until water comes out of the tubing as a somewhat solid stream without too much air bubbling. Reconnect the nozzle. You should be all set. It's all in the instructions...but most of the customers never read them, hahaa... I'm the same way btw :p
You will just wish that you gor it sooner, just a smidgen behind my IPad it is the handiest device that I have ever purchased!
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