Just ordered my chameleon!


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Hey guys just letting you know I ordered my chameleon last night from Kammerflage Kreations. Can't wait!!:D
Congrats and I don't think you will be disappointed in the way he turns out. I have gotten two chams from them and they are both very beautiful. Liddy, Ed, and Brianna are a great bunch of people to work with. be sure and post pics when your little one gets settled in.
I have a chameleon from them and I love him! Their customer service is amazing. If you have any questions they don't hesitate to help you out. :)
Here's a pic of my setup


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Its a blurry picture sorry I have a bad webcam. But I will try to get better pics from my Iphone to my computer somehow and my mister will be arriving tomorrow.
Congrats!!! Prepare to be amazed!! I have quite a few Kammer babies and they continually amaze me!! Be sure to post lots of pics.

Who is the sire??
Looks like he will have nice foliage and vines.
I have often used an upside down bucket or other sturdy plastic item to raise the plant high enough for the cham to bask and have a little privacy while basking.
Your cham should be able to get within 12" of the UVB bulb in order to absorb enough UVB from it.
I'm sure you'll be a great chamkeeper, since you've been researching and setting things up first.
Heres a better pic of my cage with the aquazamp mister this time :D


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As stated, make sure that the basking site has foliage for him to feel comfortable. The dirt in the plant should be covered. I use 2-3 inch decorative rock that can be found at craft stores. I would def make a site or 2 closer to the UVB. Other than that it looks good.
Alright I just ordered some more branches online to get him closer to the uvb light and I will try to pick up foliage as soon as I can to give him cover.
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