Just need a opinion of experienced panther breeder


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I have 2,3 week old panthers.One is really dark,he is active and eating and drinking like a rockstar,it seems very happy and is active during appropriate times.My other panther is much lighter in color,a light brown.Like the other one,it is eating and drinking well.This one does not seem to have the appetite of the darker one.This one just seems a little more laid back then the first one I mentioned.My question is,and I know they are young,but is there a pattern that males follow,like being darker or lighter in color.I know I can't tell for sure right now,while they are this young.Just wondering if a pattern is typical for males and females.
Yes, and you can sex them right out of the egg. There are a lot of threads on sexing them. If you get some side shots, we can probably tell you what sex they are.
tell us a lil more...
do they have identical cages?
what kind of lighting?
are there plenty of hiding places?
Side shots to come,as of now they are in the same cage until they get a little bigger.they are under 5.0 UVB bulb,they are doing very well.
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