Just making sure everything is fine.


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I got my baby veiled chameleon a week ago. He's doing great. I dont know the age but im guessing arounf 1-2 months. He's only about 4-6 inches long. I havnt gave him any calcium since i got him because there wasnt any at the store. I ordered calcium a little bit ago and its supposed to come tomorrow. He eats about 10 crickets a day. His basking temp is 84 right now and the bottom of his cage about 76 or 78. I have UVB reptisun 5.0 also.

Here's his enclosure and a couple pics of him!





Please guys, tell me if everything is ok and if it is not tell me and how i can make it better. Thanks


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Is his enclosure and his temps ok too? And is it fine that he hasnt had calcium for a week?


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the temps are fine,
I would add some more vines at the top of the cage so he can get closer to heat and uvb if he needs it.

hell be fine without calcium for a week, but just make sure you get what he needs.
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