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Hi all! I'm brand new to the forum and excited to get started. I'm hoping to adopt a baby/juvenile panther chameleon in the relatively near future, so I've been spending hours and hours reading your threads on this wonderful forum so I'm well prepared to care for our new family member. I am planning to build an enclosure myself out of the china cabinet pictured. I am going to remove the glass from the doors and replace them with screening to provide better circulation, and will cover the mirror in the back with a forest-y image so the chameleon doesn't think he has company. I plan to place screening inside the top of the enclosure so that the chameleon can't get too close to the UVB and basking lights, and there should be enough room to place a drip system up there as well. Aside from plenty of lush vegetation, horizontal vines and branches, and no substrate on the floor, does anyone have recommendations for how to make this habitat amazing? Also, what do you think about taking out the glass panels on the sides of the cabinet (yes/no)? I live in Everett, WA, and right now temperature is definitely a consideration (though, for most of the year, humidity is a non-issue). Would love some input! Thanks!



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Welcome to the forums :) i think your idea for a cage sounds good. Just make sure that the basking light and uvb bulb are on the outside of the cage. Use a 60 to 75 watt white house bulb for your heating. Get a linear uvb bulb as they cover more area than a small bulb. Id highly suggest a pothos plant as they have big leaves for coverage and they vine out. As far as where you get your cham do not get it from a pet store. Message Matt Vanilla Gorilla on here as he breeds some amazingly beautiful and healthy animals. Or you can check q ppave like chameleon ranch where i got mine. I wouldnt suggest anything under 3 months old. I personally use a mist king and it works great. Theres lots of great people here with a lot of good advice. Welcome :)


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I'd leave the glass in on the sides if that were your original plan.
With the front and top in mesh you should have plenty of ventilation, them glass sides may then help you keep in some humidity.
You could also make the sides into mesh and keep the front glass since that's the part you probably will look trough the most, glass (if clean) simply looks better than mesh.

What I do to find amazing is look on pinterest, I subscribed to anything reptile related and it's full of awesome looking enclosure ideas.

Good luck! it certainly looks like a good size enclosure.
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