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I bet a lot of you out there have already been to this site below, and have looked at all the wonderful pictures, but there was one picture in particular that I stared at for a good 10 minutes just trying to find the chameleon. It may just be my eyesight, but I am just barely able to make it out now. It reminds me of how well they are at blending in to their surroundings.

How long will it take you??

Good luck! :D

i've been looking at these chameleons for hours at a time each day so i saw it immediately(not to brag). i saw another picture on this site of a gecko eating another gecko on the side of a building and i thought that was kinda cool.
Warning, Spoiler!

I just figured that the photographer would want the cham in the center of the pic, so that's where I looked.
I was looking in the middle too but I still couldn't find it right away. I finally saw the legs and then just followed them up. Do you think they are stepped on lot? Not just by people but larger animals?
Thanks for posting the link to that site. I've never actually been there before and I found their pictures very interesting. It should be noted that many of the chameleons are mislabeled on the thumbnail view, but there are some nice shots of some uncommon chameleons. I really enjoy the shots of the Calumma nasuta and the Furcifer willsi.

If thats it then I saw it as soon as the picture was loaded. But if it is it then its hidden very good becasue I can't even tell if it is a chameleon or a leaf!
Oh lol I thought it was too easy lol!!! That doesn't look like a cham at all!!! lol No wonder I didn't notice it! :p
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