Just another custom built :)


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Finally done with this beauty. Well, almost.
5 x 2 x 2




Now she just needs many more vines and leaves.

This is my first time woodworking something of this size.
Everything purchased from the good ol' Home Depot. All sanded wood, built the shape first then covered the sides with screen on the outside. Used trimming cut to size to cover the cut screen that would stick out. All wood sealed at the end. Aluminum screening. Allowed weeks to air out. Door on hinges with a latch and handle.

On the inside, two sides of the screen are covered in I believe PVC coated hardware cloth. All I know is that it is safe for chameleons.

The bottom is screen. I will be building a drawer system underneath for draining -- just still searching for a plastic bin that will fit. :) I'd like to find a way to hang a live plant in there too.

It has been tested, and is CRICKET PROOF!!! :) They can't get out! I am very happy I achieved this!!!

All of the forums started for custom enclosures have really helped me. Thanks all.

Very nice and clean looking.

As for the plant, you could put another strip on both the left and right sides running from front to back and drill a hole in each and run a dowel through it. I did something similar on my cage I just built.
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