Jojo da Chameleon

Arcadia brand is consider the best but if Zoo Med Reptisun T5 is all you can get in a hurry it will do for several months 6-9. You need the 5.0 or 6% bulb that is closest tho the length of the top of your cage.
Ok! I will order light. Jojo seems to be doing good. However he is always brown. He can change from light to dark brown but not green. Is this normal? He is around 6-7 months.
Went to pet on to pick up of pinheads but they were sold out. They only had small crickets. I fed two of the smallest ones and he seemed ok but they’re kind of big for him. How much should I feed him? Here is a pic. I also made some but load for them using the gutload page Beman posted.

If he is 6 months old he should be able to handle any crickets that have bodies narrower than the space between his eyes. I might feed juveniles 6-8 per day it all depends on size. He just looks smaller than that to me.
Are you sure about the babies age? Who told you it was 6 months old? It is just so dang small I have a hard time believing it.
On second thought you’re right. My mom said that Jojo was 6 to 7 months old. But he seems very tiny for that after I did some research. If he is younger than that then it would explain why he not green yet. Here is a picture of Jojo next to a ruler. He’s sleeping right now. Can someone please tell me the approximate age of Jojo?
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