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Jeweled Chameleons

Discussion in 'Sponsor News' started by NHenn, Sep 29, 2017.

  1. NHenn

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    Jeweled Chameleons!!!!

    Exciting news / opportunity for everyone. We decided to cut back on our Jeweled Chameleon (Furcifier campani) breeding project and will be offering some for sale.

    Currently, we have two 100% unrelated captive born breeding age adult pairs available. We also have one CB lone male as well as one younger male available too. These are an advanced species and we would love to see a breeder continue to with them.

    The pairs will be $500 plus shipping and the lone males will be $200 plus shipping. If someone is interested in the entire group we can offer combined shipping to save.

    Pictures are of the actual animals in our breeding group.


    Furcifer-Campani.jpg Furcifer-Campani-2.jpg Furcifer-Campani-3.jpg Furcifer-Campani-4.jpg Furcifer-Campani-5.jpg Furcifer-Campani-6.jpg Furcifer-Campani-7.jpg
  2. NHenn

    NHenn Avid Member
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    They are SOLD, Thank you!

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