Jackson's vivarium


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Jackson's new cage. It's 36-18-40. Pothos i got today, 30 year old umbrella plant. :D mistking setup. 73 ambiant, 83 basking, 2 18in 5.0 bulbs, 40watt heat. 2-2x waterproofed and clear coated. 1/2 inch plastic hardware clothe with garden clothe wraped around to keep in humidity but allow airflow.It all cost around $300. :eek: cheap.

leave a comment... advice is alway's helpful.:)


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looks awesome! What's your mist schedule, and hows the drainage/overflow solved?
any problems with little feeders escaping between the hardware cloth and mesh?


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I normally have 2 18x17in pans that catch the water and are about 3 inches deep. I have to reseal the edges tomorrow. His mistking is set for 6 times a day. 8-11-1-3-5-7 15 minutes at 8 and 7, 10 minutes from 11-5. :D I'll post pics of the pans and the finished setup tomorrow.
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