Jackson's on Maui


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Is there a location on Maui that you can observe Jackson's in the wild? I have been intriguid by Jackson's since I saw a chameleon. Love the horns. I have been to Hawaii a few times and every trip I make a trip up to the mid mountain area in hopes of seeing a Jackson's, but to no avail. After having a young one for the last few months in a cage I can see why it would be very difficult to find in the wild.
I know a number of places that I have access to because of my job, but Im not sure how people would take it with strangers on their property. Go up to Alii Lavender farm in upper Kula. They dont charge to let you walk their gardens and land. While your there have a lavender scone they are very yummy :D You said you have visited before so you may know where it is but if not just head up Haleakala highway. The lavender farm is the last left before Haleakala meets up with Kula highway. There is a lavender flag and a sign at the road. Good luck in your hunt.
Yes there is a place in Maui where Jacksons chameleons are in abundance. They are flourishing in Makawaio.There is even a guy in La Haina who pays individuals to catch them,he then sells them out of the town shops where tourists normally book events while on their vacation.For some reason he is able to get the permit it requires to sell and ship them back to the Mainland.When I talked with this person he claimed his family had a so called ranch where they bred them. I told him otherwise and he knew that I knew otherwise
I just came across this site, although I don't have experience with chameleons, I have successfully bred and raised several species of reptiles. We went on a Maui hike several years ago and I found a male thati post pictures of if I figure out how to do that from an iPhone. We left him how we found him. We are currently in Maui for a month and my 9 year old wants to look for some. Ironically, I forgot where we saw it.
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