Jacksons live birth?


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Hello, I have a female jacksons about 6-7 months I've had her for a month and she is doing great. She is in a 24x24x48 reptibreeze with lots of foliage and branches and places to hide. She has a 5.0 reptiglo UVB energy saving bulb and a 75 watt heat lamp at the highest corner of her cage. Basking temp is around 83 with a 2 degree variation at most, ambient temp Goes to 72 at the bottom and at night the whole cage is 70-75. I mist her cage and plants several times a day to keep up humidity which I have to be constinatly have to be keeping up. There is a live umbrella and pothos vine in there swell. She eats anywhere between 6-9 crickets a day with a couple super worms and meal worms and wax worms from time to time but mostly super worms. Every feeder is gut loaded. What my question is, is I know that female chams can give birth without every meeting a male, and jacksons give live birth so, is there anyway for my female to give birth to live chams or will it be an unfertilized yolk? I'm a little bit confused about this and I want to be prepared for it if it ever happens thank you in advance!! Please any input would be great :D:D
I got my baby from a girl at work who's husband got a female jackson from petco in Dec it gave birth to 10 babies in early May -
As your female is young, it's doubtful she was ever mated with, but possible. If she was not mated, she will not give birth to baby Jacksons.

She's right at that age where she could have mated if she was kept with other males. You have at least 4-5 months before you would see babies if she had mated. Where did you get her and do you know if she was in the same enclosures as a male?
Yes female Jackson’s Chameleons can give birth to unfertilized ova. I think, and this is personal observation only, that they will do it if properly cycled. By that I mean mimicking the seasonal variations that cue breeding times that they would normally have in the wild. Most casual keepers don’t do this so it’s not something that is seen with regularity. Here is a picture of an unfertilized ova or ‘slug’:

Jacksons Chameleons can retain sperm for future litters so if she was bred or kept with a male previous to you obtaining her there could be a small chance of live babies. I had a Trioceros hoehnelii that gave birth to small litter almost two years after she was ever with a male.

Thank you all for the good info. I love this forum :) so does my cham ha she would be pretty miserable if I hadn't found this site. But thanks to all the helpful and experienced people here she is a happy Cham compares to the pet store she was at. When I got her she was in the cage with another Cham I'm not sure if it was a male or female, and considering how cheap this pet shop was I'm sure it's possible that she could have met a male at one point but you never know until it happens I guess!!
And I'm only guessing on her age, the pet store guy didn't tell me he just told me he eats crickets and that you have to mist him.........:mad: but she is still more drab camoflouge colors and about 6-7 inches at most long from tip of the head to tip off the tail.
Jackson's are hard to take care of right? What I heard and are there other chameleons that give birth to live chams?
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