jacksons eye wont open


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Well the babies are still doing well and only lost 1 since last post. They came from my girlfriend and she took them back. Had a nice little fight over that but all is well and she is doing good with them. I myself bought a 10 month old female that is "susposed" to be prego and have had her for 3 weeks. I had 2 keep her in a small tank with mesh top til I got her 24x24x48 screen cage built. She has 1 big rubber tree plant and a vine in there now. I noticed yesterday that she has 1 eye that she keeps sinking in and VERY worried about her. I am broke as could be right now but called the vet and he is not in til monday....ugggggg! She eats like a pig and drinks every other day from a spray bottle. I made a dripper and have it going now but and just scared she wont make it.I have a repti sun 5.0 and her basking spot is about 2 inchs from the top with a temp of 80 deg on the nose with my digital thermoter. Any help or Ideas would be GREAT. I can post pics aswell.
Thanks Yok
no crust and she runs from the water. I would think she would be happy and moving around in her new castle but just sits in her basking spot. Maybe salein soultion?
ataraxia...THANK YOU a TON!!!! I was using a repti sun 5.0 but it is 1 that zoo med sent me and it isnt the coil kind but the kind that screws in and has 3 retangle coming outta it. I took it out after reading your link about 2 hours ago and put just a regular house bulb in and now her eye is back to normal. So basicly I was blinding her. I just bought a 24 inch plant light and bulb at wal mart that is like a fish tank bulb to tie me over til I get the right replacement bulb. Thanks a TON again and by the way I also live in indiana and have sum baby mt kenya's if your interested.
Well Ithought she was gonna be fine but....she seems to be getting worse.She is moving VERy little now and stay in her basking spot. I have been drenching her lightly for about 5 to10 min each time about 5 pluse times. She is not drinking and just shuts her eyes like I am not there.She did eat today and yesterday and looks good other then her eyewhich I have noticed her "scratching it" on her limb and not moving much. When she does move she seems very weak and I don't think she is gonna make it much longer. I am gonna deworm her tomorrow but think it is to little to late and sucks.:(:(
sorry shes not doing well. i have some flagyl and will be at the indy reptile show sunday. let me know if you need some.
Well she seems a little better.Her name is Leaf and I have been keeping the humidifier on her about 10 hours a day and keeping her wet and spraying her about 5 plus times a day but she is still only drinking every other day. She is eating good with a mix of crickets,super worms and butter worms/bee moth. She took a poo and I dont really like the way it looks so I am taking her to be dewormed sunday at the show. Today after a week of barley moving she decided to take a cruise. Put my hand in a she came right to me as she likes to roam so I took a few pics. Put her back up and she drank good for me. I am also posting sum of our pics of the baby jacksonii jacksonii's that are 5 weeks old now but only a week old in the pics.




Don't belive she is any kinda special breed but my daughter bought her so we love her no matter what the pedgree:)






and the babies momma
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