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Hello everyone,
I picked up my new friend on Friday. I observed him drinking that evening and felt that he was doing great. The next day I observed him eat about 4 crickets (gutloaded with a blended mixture of collard greens, spirulina, flax seed, chia seeds, and tangerines), a meal worm, a few flightless fruit flies and a wax worm. I also observed him drinking this day. Today, he did not seem interested in food but was opening his mouth to drink as I misted. For the past days that I have had him he has been alert and eager to get as far away from me as possible, however, as of right now he does not seem to be feeling so well. I observed him throw up a piece of mealworm and what I believe to be a cricket. I have read that this might be due to eating an oversized meal such as a large cricket but should I also expect this to explain his lethargic behavior? For most of the day today he hung up side down on the cage ceiling very close to the light fixture (not basking bulb). Any help is very much appreciated. Thank you for your time.
Chameleon Info:
• Your Chameleon – Jackson's Chameleon about 4-5 months old that has been in my care for 3 days.
• Handling – To put into cage and one attempt this morning to take out to bask in sun.
• Feeding – Crickets (gutloaded with a blended mixture of collard greens, spirulina, flax seed, chia seeds, and tangerines), a meal worm, a few flightless fruit flies and a wax worm
• Supplements – No supplementation yet.
• Watering – Hand mist his cage about 32. oz of warm water 3 times a day.
• Fecal Description - Have not observed much feces.
• History – Captive-bred.

Cage Info:
• Cage Type – It’s an all screened cage. (24” x 24” x 48”)
• Lighting – T-5 HO Arcadia 6% and 6500 bulb for plant growth. Just obtained the basking light today and is a simple shop clamp on light with a 60W 2500K incandescent bulb.
• Temperature – Ambient temperatures 68-83F. Basking temperatures 69-93F (lower end of spectrum occurs when mainly when mist cools probe and do not observe basking temp. at high end of range usually 73-76).
• Humidity – 50-88% (high and low).
• Plants – 2 scheflerra, 2 hanging pothos, japanese aralia
• Placement – In my living room near entrance of bedroom.
• Location – I’m located in South Texas.
Attached images are when I first brought home my chameleon, his current condition, and a photo of his vomit with a bottle cap for size comparison.


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Sorry to hear your little guy is not doing well. Can you get a fecal sample if possible? I would have him tested for parasites. Also the basking temp is too high for him as they like cooler temps. I do not keep Jackson's but from what I have read, the basking temp should be no more than low 80's and 85 max. I don't think the temps are causing the problem and there is something more serious going on.
His vomit looks like it is something other than food. Do you have anything in the bottom of the enclosure for a substrate? If so you should remove it and use paper towels. Do you have something covering what dirt or anything else in the plants to make sure he cannot eat it? If what you have in the pot for the plant is not covered he could be eating it.
If I see any any droppings, I will make sure to save them for a fecal test. His basking temperature is hardly ever near the 90's end and he spends most of his time away from the basking light. I think it is something more serious as well but hope it is something that can be resolved. He has really grown on me the past few days.
There is not substrate on the bottom of the cage. There are 6 potted plants that give lots of chances for him to eat the potted soil. I will make sure to cover these up right away. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get him feeling a little better? I hope to get him set up with a vet but do not expect much luck since it is memorial day. Should I continue my usual mistings and have the lights come on? Or will these just further stress him out? Thank you all again.
are you SURE of your temps for him? I only ask, because there is no digestion on the meal worm that I can see - with out warm enough temps, they can not digest - and he just looks "cold" to me - I use a 60wt reg/ lamp light bulb for all my basking bulbs, both the Jax & panther ( but his is 2 75 wt) the other stuff to me looks like crix parts - but you are still correct to cover all dirt
maybe someone who knows more can offer more insight

good luck w/ your little buddy :)
The temperature readings do seem to vary a little too much, but most of the time the temperature readings (using an Acurite sensor) is consistent with my thermostat readings. I took him out to warm up in the natural light before it gets too hot. However, he seems to be hiccuping from time to time. I have seen this behavior in a very sick fish before it passed. If anyone has any further insight as to what I could have done wrong or what I could do to help him I would greatly appreciate it.
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