Jackson's Chameleon help!! Eyes are closed!


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Help, I feel she may not last the night.
Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - I was told Chamaeleo jacksonii jacksonii female, I believe she is under a year probably 6 months? I bought her from a pet store because I couldn't see her there anymore. I bought her on the 27 of April so 5 days
Handling - Leaving her alone, no handling so far other than putting in the cage.
Feeding - I'm feeding her 3 week crickets, however I haven't seen her eat yet but she has gone to the bathroom. I feed her 12-15 the first day and then maybe 8 or so everyday after that. because there are places the crickets can get out. I'm gutloading the crickets with repashy bug burger, and my own homemade wet gutload I got from this site.
Supplements - I dust with the Sticky tongue farms miner-all with and without d3 I've dusted the crickets once with the non d3.
Watering - I have a fogger going all day, which produces water droplets. And I mist when I leave for school for a good 30 secs, which makes the cage very damp and dripping. I haven't seen her drinking, but I'm at school for 8 hours a day.
Fecal Description -Colours look browny black, with an off white urate, and as far as I know it has never been tested for parasites.
History - I bought her from a pet store, I assume she's WC can't confirm that 100% but it's likely, her eyes seem to be sunken in, which is I know a sign of dehyration, and she barely ever opens her eyes.

Cage Info:
Cage Type - It is a screen cage that is 18x18x24.
Lighting - UVB I have a 26 watt exoterra reptile uvb 100 on it. Heat I have a 25 watt exoterra daylight basking bulb. Light schedual is turn on at 7 am and off at 9 pm.
Temperature -The Temps in the cage right now are and ambient 74F and her basking area is 85F, the lowest night temperature I've seen is 69.4 degrees F. I measure them a lot like a couple times a day.
Humidity - humidity is just below 80%normally it sits at 65-70% I'm using an ultrasonic humidifier cool mist, on all day until the lights go out. I measure them with humidity gage made by zilla.
Plants - Currently I have Pothos
Placement - The cage is located on my desk and the top of the cage sits at 4.5 feet, and the cage isn't near any fans or anything of that nature.
Location - Calgary Canada Alberta.

Current Problem - She isn't moving, very lethargic, and both her eyes are closed. I'm just worried about her. And she doesn't seem to be eating either. Any feed back would be amazing!
The first thing I will tell you is Jacksons need long misting to get proper amounts of water. Mine will not even start drinking until the mister has been going for at least 2 minutes. I set my mister to 3 minutes in the morning then two long 10-15 minute mists in the middle of the day and another 3 minute later in the afternoon.

If you plan to keep Jacksons you will need to invest in a mister of some sort. I also noticed that mine prefers rain droplet to actual mist. Also try a dripper so that water is available during the day when you are gone.

I also usually keep my basking temp around 82.

Do you have a multivitamin for once a month dusting? Also be sure to only give the D3 around once a month as well.
Alright I will mist for much longer. Thanks you and Im planning to pick up a mistking this weekend at our reptile expo. Yes I have the exoterra multi vite.
Thanks for the advice, I just had my mister going for like 3 minutes I hope she starts soon.


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She doesn't look too good. I am guessing she was already dehydrated or ill when you bought her. I don't think she could get that bad in only 5 days. Her eyes are pretty sunken in. Try to get her to drink, long mistings or a shower and if she opens her eyes try offering different food items to peak her interest.

And of course a vet visit could be in order.
Sorry to say this but she(?) looks really bad. Those sunken eyes are indeed a sign of dehydration, or some other illness. She looks as though she may be at the point of no return. I would not wait to see if she will drink willingly, she may need to be forced to drink. And at this point you need to hydrate her with clear pedialyte and not water. I've had a cham in the past that looked like yours and i brought him back by shooting a syringe of clear colored pedialyte into his mouth several times a day. Don't wait...the clock is ticking!
From the picture you posted I believe you have a female Mt Meru Jackson's

I have several females and they have never shown that coloration, it's usually the male that are a light green color. Possibly it's because of her condition. I agree with using a dripper as it allows your chameleon time to drink.

I wish I had some advise for you but Meru's are extremely difficult to bring back to good health when they get to that point in my experience.
I guess I was too late on the post she past about half an hour ago. Thanks for all the help I will for sure keep it in mind if anyone needs help with there cham because this sucked :(
Thanks all
I guess I was too late on the post she past about half an hour ago. Thanks for all the help I will for sure keep it in mind if anyone needs help with there cham because this sucked :(
Thanks all

I'm sorry for your loss. That poor girl.

I would talk to the store you bought her from. They more than likely sold you a sick chameleon. You should get your Mooney back.
Thanks for the thoughts :) It honestly helps, and I will be getting it back one way or another! because I agree I mean I check her over as well as I could but I forgot the eyes.
Anyways, heres to future chams
Sorry you lost your chameleon. As far as the uvb light...not sure what a 100uvb is? Most of us 5.0 bulbs. Just wondering for the future incase you decide to get another one.
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