Jacksons And Minimum Temperature


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Hey guys long time no see.

I wanted to get some opinions/experience on the matter.

I moved my 3 female jacksons outside a few weeks ago to enjoy the spring/early summer.

its going to cool off quite a bit for the next few days here in PA where i live.

temps for today and the next two days are going to be 64°F/45°F, 63°/45°, 69°/46°

ive never risked lows so low except for with my melleri.

I know they can tolerate mid to upper 40s but it till makes me nervous with the wind/possible showers tonight. and the fact that its going to be 3 days in a row.

Any of you have experience with such low temps?

i was considering throwing a fire blanket and a tarp over the cages for the night but my brother has our truck so i dont have the tarp and i dont think the fire blanket will cover all of them.

Am i being overly cautious? under cautious? just right?

I'll probabaly just end up sticking them all in a tupperware container with a bunch of foliage for the night. theyre accustom to sharing trees in the yard and seeing one another so i dont think the stress factor will be too high.

lol funny story on that. i had them in a tree a few weeks ago with the hose on mist at the top. the one was lapping water and the other seemed disinterested until she notice the other drinking, she proceeded to talk up to the other one and drink the droplets off of her mouth....it looked like they were making out lapping water off of each others tongues.

story aside what are your gyus thoughts? i used to have extra cages set up inside for when this would happen but since then have broken all those down.
What have the temps been like for the past week? (day/night)

If there were no chances of winds/showers Id say dont worry at all.

I would just wrap the cages, at least the upper portion of them.

Could you maybe just use a blanket and garbage bag?

I think you are being slightly over cautious, but only very slightly...you know what to do here me thinks...
If it stays rather cool during the daytime for those days, they may not have an appropriate chance to warm up.

So just make sure they are getting to warm up properly one way or another during the day.
Agreed with Solid Snake - as long as during the day they can warm back up, they could take those night time drops. The suggestion to cover the cages with a blanket or garbage bag was a good one, that way if it does get windy, it won't bother them.

i said fire blanket, i meant emergency blanket. you know the ones that look like gold and silver foil. yeah they keep heat excellent. i just wish i had more than one.

i was going to go with the trashbag suggestion but im out of big black contractor bags.

i went out to check on them shortly after i posted that, the two younger ones seemed fine honestly, a tad darker than normal but surprisingly active for it only being 49 degrees. the older one however was jet black curled up in a little ball it the top corner of the cage. so that was enough for me.

i had planned on sticking them in the tupperware bin around dark and they would sleep there till morning. but it was still early and i felt an urgency about getting the older girl in.

so i was standing in my living room weighing my options and it was literally hanging there in front of me, i added a pothos to the bottom of the spider plant we already had hanging and twisted some vines around.

TAH DAH temporary "enclosure"

my son insisted on being in the picture

ill probably be getting some contractor bags for tomorrow or just use the tarp as long as they dont forecast lower lows and just keep the older girl indoors.

thanks for the input guys

still open to hearing personal experience from people that have kept their outdoors in similar conditions


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L&M MENTHOL!!!????

To each their own:rolleyes:

I think shed be better off outside.

If she sees even a little light at night, she may wander towards it, even if its mostly dark.

I injured and almost killed Donahue this way, but he wasn't hanging from the ceiling either.

They do get darker as temps go down, that's normal.

Im sure youll manage it all alright my friend...
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