Jackson Chemelon dying


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I have a Jackson Chemlon his name is Saur. First I will start out with where he lives. He is a large critter breezr (I think it’s called) cage with 3 ficus plants. We live in the Midwest were it is extremely cold so he has a mini heater and a heat lamp on his cage at all times keeping it at about 85 degrees at the warmest spot. As far as humidity goes he is sprayed down often and always had a humidifier on his cage. Saur is about a year old.the problem is Saur has a very big abscess on his cheek and he has had this for around 7 months. We don’t know what caused it we think it might have been a super worm. But we have taken him to a vet mutiple times and they have tried draining the abscess putting silver cream on it and he is on antibiotic and has been for a while now. The vet claims the antibiotic will soon not work anymore and the only option we have is to drive 8 hours and spend around 1000 dollars on surgery that he is not garented to live through. My parents won’t let me get him this surgery. I don’t know what to do at this point because he isn’t eating much anymore. Please if you have ANY advice at all I would love it. I just want to save my chameleon please


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2 options come to mine for this. the first one is keep the antibiotics and make sure there are not any water gather gatherings( misting is fine, no fatherfall, Bowls or such) in hus Cage and make sure his Cage is keep Clean and hygenic.
2 is to put him to rest. no easier but its is not good for him to go around with mounth roth. sorry mate. mounth roth has taken my animlas aswell.
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