Jackson chameleon puffed eye


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My male jackson chameleons right eye looks slightly more puffed up than his left eye. It looks completely fine other than the fact that its slightly bigger. Theres no discoloring and his eye is completely open. It doesnt look swollen or anything. This literally just happened like 10 minutes ago and before that he was fine. It didnt look bigger before. I'm wondering if maybe when I wasnt looking he got poked in the eye by something?? I just upgraded his enclosure and put new stuff in it so he's a little tense but doesnt seem to mind too much. After all, it is an upgrade. His eye looks in no way infected just a little bigger. Is there a way he could have poked himself or jabbed himself in the eye on accident?
If not I need to know if I need to treat him with anything. I let him rinse his eye out in the sink just incase he may of gotten something in it and now I'm letting him chill and continue to get used to the cage.
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