Jackson’s Chameleons


What exactly makes the Jacksons considered an “intermediate” chameleon? Is it just their higher humidity requirements and less tolerance to incorrect husbandry when compared to veileds and panthers, or is there something else that I am missing?


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Jackson's tend to internalize their stress more so than other chameleon species. They also require a big night drop in temperature into the 60s at night. If you get a wild caught female there could be a chance that she might be pregnant or withholding sperm. The female can hold onto sperm for up to 2yrs and impregnate themselves when conditions are right. Also Jackson's give live birth they don't lay eggs.


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Along with what was mentioned, they have a more particular supplement regime as well. I think a big problem with jacksons though is most of them come WC from Hawaii and often have health problems pop up. Apparently due to poor genetics from regular inbreeding.
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