I've got Pyglets!


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I had two eggs incubating since May and they hatched yesterday. Then, to my pleasant surprise, my son found three more hatchlings in the adult vivarium. I had suspected that a second female was gravid, but never found the eggs.

I've never seen baby brevis in person and they have got to be among the coolest creatures I've ever seen. The following are a few shots of one of the first two. I'll post more photos soon.

Baby brevi 08-03-13b.jpg

Baby brevi 08-03-13d.jpg

Baby Brevi 08-03-13a.jpg
Sweet! We will have to trade up pygs when they get a little bigger.mine hatched a week ago today.
Big congrats! I have tried to breed brev's but never managed to do it. After losing several brev's I gave up. I just couldn't see another one die. Buy I do wish I could have seen babies.:( enjoy them for my and keep posting pictures.
Congrats Jimo. Iv got 14 babies right now and they all seem to be doing good. Iv got them all in a 15 wide by 18deep and 22 tall tank and is seems to be working great.
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