It has begun!


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I finally finished construction on the cage and moved it inside my apartment! :D

Right now it's only got a basking bulb, UVB bulb (reptisun 5), hygrometer, and a pothos. The bottom of the enclosure is a large piece of polycarbonate that I cut to put inside, and soon there's going to be a raisable platform underneath that so I can raise the bottom higher. This is going to house a 3 month old male veiled. The full size is 24x24x48, but the adjustable platform inside should allow me to keep it whatever size he'll need growing up until he can handle the full thing.

Now I can go hunt for some branches for the pothos to start growing on and some vines.

I've got all his supplements on order right now. I need to make a dripper for it and get everything together for his feeders. A thermometer will be necessary as well.

Total cost for DIY? Way too much. I thought I'd be stubborn and build it myself cheaper than buying one from LLReptile. I spent waaaay more due to not taking my measurements more carefully among other small mistakes. I don't even want to show you the pile of wasted screen and aluminum.


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Something else I should probably include: step ladder. I'm 4'10. The elephant is serving alright at the moment but I almost broke my neck using him to get the lights up there.


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I was going to build one myself but DIYCAGES had what I needed shipped for less than 100. That sold me. Took all the headaches and hassle out it. LOL
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