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Hi, me and my wife recently purchased a Carpet Chameleon from the local pet store. We believe he is about 4 months old. We have set the cage up as the internet and the guy in the pet store have said but I am worried about him, it has been 3 days and for the past 2 he hasnt been moving atall, he stays hidden behind all the leaves and moves his eyes about. When we got him his colour was all green with a feint white stripe down both sides but now he is green with black spots all over. I hear that stress is very bad for chameleons but we havnt done anything to scare or stress him. I havnt seen him eat or drink, we spray some water on the leaves every now and then but he doesnt go for it and we have put the neccesary crickets in but I havnt seen him touch them, this may just be me not seeing them but today he hasnt moved atall.

Is he still just settling in or something else?

Maybe im just worrying too much?

Thanks in advance

It can be that he is just settling in, but I'm not sure. When I put my chams in their new cages, they ate fine and were active. I'm still a beginner myself, so maybe someone else can help you. Get ready for some questions hehe

What kind of cage are you using? What is the size?
What kind of lighting are you using? How long do you keep the lights on during the day?
What temperature range have you created? Basking spot temp? What is the temperature at night?
What are your humidity levels? How are you creating and maintaining these levels?
Are you using live plants? If so, what kind?
Where is your cage located? Is it near any fans, air vents, or high traffic areas?
I think the first thing you should do is cover his viv over with a tea towel or something. I have a shy chameleon and I keep him covered up so that he doesn't stress out. If your carpet is hiding then he is definately afraid. You must quickly lower his stress levels by covering him up and leaving him alone for a day or so. He may venture out and eat then.
Obviously check to make sure you have the husbandry set up correctly for him but for now block his view and see if that helps.
i am really worried about him, i covered up as you said, then came back later and he was still in the same place. I thought i saw him drink a little but i definitely havnt seen him eat, is just putting the crickets in the cage enough to feed him or should i be feeding him off a dish of some kind.

We have kept other kinds lizards before but this is our first chameleon and it is all a little strange.

All advice will be greatly appreciated.

I don't get to see my chameleon, Blue (he's only four months old), eat as much as I would like to as well. It's hard to determine if and how many crickets they are eating, especially if you let them loose in the cage for your chameleon to stalk and kill them. I just add more dusted crickets when I don't see as many crickets hiding up in the top corners of the cage. :^)

I have a ficus tree in Blue's cage. Wrapped around the ficus tree is a couple of the thick jungle vines for his walkway. I use that to place silkworms for him to find.

I took a hole puncher and punched a hole in an old superworm cup I had (my beardies love them). I attached the cup with a black twisty tie to the top of the jungle vine at the top of the enclosure (so the mister wouldn't splash it full of water).

I placed several phoenix worms and a couple wax worms in the cup. Within one minute of placing that new cup and worms in Blue's cage he was over there eating them!! Now he checks the cup every day after I refill it for him.

I also "sprinkle" in some fruit flies every other day or so on the ficus tree. I know Blue has got plenty to eat in his cage.

Also, I keep checking his "poo". As long as it's there for me to clean up and has the white stuff in it I don't worry as much about Blue's eating. :^)
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