Is this normal ???


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i was shocked when i saw this!


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It's not entirely abnormal, but it should be avoided if possible for risk of foot damage, which is usually permanent. When seeing cage climbers, I always prescribe more vegetation on vines inside the cage.

If they are only hanging under the bulb, then I suggest using a digital probed thermometer on their basking area branches to find the temperature. If the temp is low then the chameleon could be trying to heat up more.
she only did it for about 30 seconds and was moving the sntire time. i think / hope she was just playing. I thought it was cute :)
often this is a behavior associated with gravid females.. may want to keep an eye out if your cham is female ;)
she's doing it again :p, the thing is that shes only like 4 mos old, i dont hink they become gravid at this age do they???

In any case, her hands shake a little when she s climbing... from what i know about dragons, this could be a sign of metabolic bone disease... HOWEVER, i am giving her plenty of calcium and plenty of vitamins, shes under a strip 8.0 uv light, and in her basking spot there is another 5.0 uv light they're both reptiglow brand and brand new. i mist her 3x a day, shes a veiled btw. so i really do not know what to do! hopefully it'll pass, the only thing is if it is developign now, then it will only get worse with growth... strange?!
and she moves around all the time like any healthy cham would! should i be giving her more food maybe? shes eating about 10 small a day... ?
the trembling might just be stress on the muscles in her legs, have you ever tried walking upside down and hanging on by ur toes?
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