Is this normal ?

I was wondering if this was normal- I ordered staple flies off the internet both my Jackson and my Panther seem to like them. My husband, though has taken to running around with a plastic jar tying to catch the ones that escaped- I've noticed his eyes spinning in a chameleon like fashion and that he has started changing colors (especially when he misses)
if you mean when he's in his cage and there are flies flying around, he basically following the flies with his eyes.. No big deal. Chameleons can move their eyes in every single direction.. the can see behind them, below, etc..

I think this is what you're referring to, unless I misunderstood your question?
I'm a bit concerned about your husband. What color did he change to? He could just be showing off for you. (They do this sometimes when rival males are near.) If you still feel like there is a problem, get him to a vet as soon as possible! It may help to fill out the "How to ask for help" form as well so we can give a better answer. I would normally say we love pictures, but maybe not this time :D:p;).
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