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A guy in my apartment complex gave me a mister today. he used it to spray a lizard tank he used to have. will it work for my chameleon? It is called a habba mist automatic mister. theres a few problems with it that I see though. it only lets me mist in intervals of 1,3,6 and 12 hours. which isnt so bad. but it will only run for a maximum of 1 minute each time. is that enough? if I run it every 1 or 3 hours, will that be giving my chameleon enough water? seeing as this thing was free, I would like to get some use out of it. the misting nozzle actually works pretty darn well. and I have solved my drainage problem. so I have no issue running it every hour. but with it only being for a minute, will I run into a problem?
well that's ok for the hours of the day you aren't there but when you get home you should give a much longer misting...most recomend 20-30minutes total time per day
This is something I posted recently about the HabbaMist:

...there are several major problems with the HabbaMist unit. It's recommended that most species of chameleons recieve 15-30 minutes of misting per day. Since the habbamist can only spray for 1 minute every hour, on a 12 hour cycle thats only 12 minutes spread throughout the entire day. Not only is that not enough, but even those 12 minutes are somewhat useless. Many chameleons need a good 5 to 10 minutes of misting to trigger a drinking response, and then additional misting time to actually drink. Don't simply assume that your chameleon will lick the drops from leaves. Another important factor is that a chameleons cage needs to dry between mistings to prevent bacteria growth. That can't happen if you're misting every hour. On top of all that, if your habbamist pump runs dry, it will burnout and possibly melt.

I'd go back to hand misting twice a day for 15 minutes each until you can purchase an adequate misting unit like the rain maker I or the pro-mist. Make sure the pump can run continously and that it can run dry as well. Don't skimp on cheap units, you'll be wasting your money.
I am going back to the tupperware drip and hand mist methos for the time being. I see what you mean. if I could have gotten the habba mist up to 15 minutes of spraying it would have been perfect. ah well, it was free after all.
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