Is this enough UVB? (Pics)

75 w Basking bulb and a 5.0 strip. It doesn’t cover the cage fully though. Should I put a all in 1 80 watt solar glo uvb and basking mercury bulb where the basking bulb is to help get more coverage


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Mercury vapor bulbs are not recommended for chams in cages. These can produce not only very high heat but high UVI levels putting them into overexposure levels and causing thermal burns.
I would not add this and keep a normal incandescent bulb for heat.
With a T5HO fixture and a 5.0 bulb you want a distance of 8-9 inches from the bottom of the fixture to the closest branch running parallel to the fixture below it. This will put the cham in the correct UVI level.

You also want branches in there going horizontally. Or flukers fake vines. This is important because they need something sturdy to grip and bask without the plants being in the way blocking the UVB lighting. UVI reduces greatly when there are plants leaves in between.
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