Is this enclosure ok for a panther chameleon?

Discussion in 'Enclosures And Supplies' started by raydeon, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. raydeon

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    FB_IMG_1507782652610.jpg A friend of mine has this Bearded dragon enclosure 48x18x18 LxWxH and he can let me have it for free. I am wondering if it'll make a fine enclosure for a panther chameleon if i drill holes on it to improve ventilation? Or perhaps I can stand it up?

    I just want to get things straightened before bringing the chameleon home

    Thanks alot for any comments.
  2. Monta

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    No! lOL your kidding right . Panthers are bore
    No screen cage is best , panthers are mostly tree dwellers. Sorry
  3. Scottsquatch

    Scottsquatch Chameleon Enthusiast

    Screen cages are NOT ALWAYS the best. It depends on the climate. If you live in a region where humidity is low screen cages can make it very difficult to maintain adequate humidity levels.
    That being said, the cage in question is not suitable for the arboreal species of chameleons. For a panther I would suggest 24x24x48 or bigger they prefer to be higher up. Your cage Is probably suitable for the ground dwelling species if you are sure you can provide adequate ventilation.
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  4. ChameleonTide

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    Just get a bearded dragon. lol.
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  5. ChamLB

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    You don't have to use a screen cage as mentioned but vertical height is important for chameleons so you can create a heat gradient, warmest near the top and ambient in the lower portion. Also light bulbs shouldn't be exposed inside the cage. If the doors slid differently you might be able to stand it up and add a screened top and low side cutouts to provide ventilation from the chimney effect. As it is on end it won't stay shut. Drainage would be an issue also.

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