is this a real video...


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You might have seen this youtube vid of a vieled chammy rapidly changing its color to match with different pairs of sunglasses. I was very impressed with this the first time I watched it but now that ive had some time on this forum and other site, I question the validity of these rapid transformation. What I would like to know is of you, the expert breeders, keepers and handlers of various different types and species think of this video and whether its some sort of photoshop or video editing or is that actual color changes and speeds?
Its fake, and I hate these retarded comments you see on youtube. People yelling out insults to the ones who posted it was fake.
There are chameleons capable of changing color (ok, maybe not to blue, pink and purple) like that (bradypodion sp), but nothing that we would see in captivity, and certainly not a veiled.
I actually had a friend e-mail this to me, completely convinced that this was a real chameleon doing this. I tried to convince her they cannot do this, but she told me maybe I would get lucky enough to get mine to do the same thing! Amazing that people believe everything they see is real and so hard to convince them otherwise....:rolleyes:
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