is this a food source?


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Hi all, can this be a feeder for chameleons?


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looks like it might be a darkling beetle? without a proper ID I couldnt say for sure, but darklings are completely fine as feeders; I grow some of my supers into darklings to add some variety every now and again.
Never seen a darkling red like that though, could be a blister beetle, which secrete toxins


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They do look like beetles from Superworms. I do notice that they are red when they are new. I have noticed some in my Chameleon cages from time to time from supers that were not eaten but my Chams have never showed any interest in them. Not sure of the nutritional value but I dont think that they would hurt.


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My chameleons have eaten them with no ill effects(if they are a superworm beetle). I also am not sure of how good a feeder they are as far as nutritional value goes.


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they look exactly like my darkling beetles, i've never fed them myself, but they should be fine. also the red is when they are a couple days after they emerge from their pupation phase. they are actually cream/white when they come out, then become a reddish brown, then finally black
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