Is this a flap necked and is the space ok?


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5E5607E8-3FC8-447B-BE3B-863BFE0AB860.jpegMy son rescued this chameleon a few weeks ago. I keep it in what I called my Sanctuary (now Wally’s room - as in Where’s Wally) The room is around 5m x 3m. Do you think this will be ok long term? It’s very humid and temperatures in the room range between 19 degrees at night to 38 degrees on very hot days. It’s summer now, so in winter I will have to get a heating pad
Could you please confirm that it is a Flap Necked? Also, how do you tell the sex?
It seems pretty happy and it comes out when I bring it food - mostly spiders, flies and other insects wild caught. I shake whatever I catch in a bottle with vitamin powder on before feeding it.
The vertical plants have irrigation and sprayers, and I spray all the leaves with filtered water twice a day
Should I do anything more?5E5607E8-3FC8-447B-BE3B-863BFE0AB860.jpeg35B9D520-9EE5-4B79-966E-D0721ECAF152.jpeg5E5607E8-3FC8-447B-BE3B-863BFE0AB860.jpeg35B9D520-9EE5-4B79-966E-D0721ECAF152.jpeg


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It looks like a flap to me.

What do you mean your son rescued it?

It needs to be able to expose itself to a proper UVB light and needs a place to bask where it can't touch the bulb.....this is hard to do in a whole room.

What are you going to do the heating pad?

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You did an amazing job with that room, it’s a free range correct? If so you would want multiple basking spots IMO to ensure it gets what it needs


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your son rescued it?? like from someone or outside??
well for starters its going to need a cage to be able to go to and basically call home, somewhere he can find a source of water and food that they can feel comfortable in. IMO chameleons in general will stay around an area they know is resourceful and high in opportunities like uvb heat food and water which is why its best to have one center spot to get all these things so they know where to go. not to mention having a space to call theirs is nice because theyre territorial. they will likely want an established part of your room or a cage to feel safe, somewhere they can sleep every night and find all their necessary things.

edit: check out the flapneck care sheet if its a flap neck!
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