Is this a burn?


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I'm 99.99% sure I'm just being paranoid...but is this a burn? Is he just developing new coloring? Whenever the colors on his casque change I worry that it's a burn... :confused:


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Looks normal. Veiled tend to go through a "Muddy" stage with their coloring. Youll probably start seeing more adult coloration soon as he sheds.
How far away is the basking bulb from his basking branch? What temp are you getting on the branch?


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looks fine to me, as long as the temp on the basking branch is close to the temps on the care sheet, you're all good


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Thank you guys so much! I'm still a fairly new chameleon mom (I got Leo in October) so every little thing that I haven't seen before freaks me out. His basking branch is between 6-8 inches from the bulb (it's diagonal) and the temperature at the branch measures 85 degrees.
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