Is there a BOI thread ??

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This post can be deleted, I don't want to break any rules. Sorry. Didn't know it wasn't allowed.
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I once had an issue w a member over a roach sale. You should contact the site admin or moderators and they can try to help. But as for public complaints, this thread will get locked or deleted as they don't allow it. You should post on fauna as well.
its been so long since i've really been active in the forum ( i usually just creep and read) I don't even know who the moderators are anymore or if they'd be able to help. I just posted what I had originally posted just about everywhere and I've already gotten messages saying that he has screwed other people over too.
You can't prove anything!

It wasn't ME I didn't do it!

Oh wait... nm

lol jk yeah if you have a problem with someone go to fauna boi. They are killers out there but they will set people straight.
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