Is she really Gravid?

Lynx, Female Veiled, about 8-9months.

I was told she might be gravid, so I set up her cage and put newspapers up for privacy. But nothing has happened... Its been a good couple weeks and she Havnt dig in her bin or I havent seen dirt on her indicating that.
She is a little chubby but could she be fat?
I know eggbound a serious thing with females, So I got worried that nothing was happening. I pretty much took most of the plants/climber in her bin out and put the nesting bin in the middle with a few climbing branches above.

Once you figure your female gravid how long does it take them to lay eggs, fertile or not????

Pictures I took of her Today.

Viv layout


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Doesnt look gravid by looking at her coloration. She is showing receptive coloring but this method isnt always accurate. Either way keep the laying bin in the cage but dont change up her enclosure a lot. She needs to feel comfortable.
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