Is my panther chameleon really a girl?

I’ve had my female amibelobe panther for three months now. She has not laid eggs, despite now being nine months old. Sometimes, she flashes what I think are gravid colors, but only for a half hour at a time. She is also developing a yellow mouth inside. Photos of tail base are attached. If she is not female, I believe she might be a male Ankaramy panther.


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100% female. Mine didn't lay her first clutch until over a year old. Just make sure your husbandry is on point and you have a lay area/bin available and she will do her thing.


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No problem! My girl got pretty wide in the belly before she laid her first clutch. I'll see if I have a pic.


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Definitely a female, and certainly not an Ankaramy. Ankaramy's are pretty uncommon to begin with! My panther girl is well over a year, and hasn't laid eggs/shown any gravid coloration. It's not unheard of!
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