Is my female veiled chameleon pregnant?

Make sure to thoroughly wash the play sand at least 3 times. You also might have to make a starter hole for her. Make sure to give her privacy (cover her cage and don’t let her see or hear you), and make sure there’s a couple of branches or vines leading towards the lay bin as well. Once you get the chance (after you correct your lay bin, etc.) could you fill out this form and post a pic of the enclosure, as well, please?
Also, how do you wash sand?


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Yes, drainage is a must or it will slowly collect water and your Cham will reject it. I cut a 1” hole in the bottom of my bin and then put down several sheets of fine mesh wire, each sheet running a different direction so the sand doesn’t slowly fall out. But it could be as simple as drilling several tiny holes in the lowest point of the side walls.
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